Land Chronicle is a Klaytn-based LAND-Fi project.
Hold NFT and share ecosystem profits.
The Story of Land Chronicle
In the middle of the Pacific Ocean,
a “Dimension Island” rose from somewhere deep and deep under the sea.

The stories of each six dimensions representing the parallel universe
have interacted with the real Earth in a variety of ways,
which changed life of mankind.

A World where myths and legends become reality,
swords and magic sing,
the heart of steel and the echo of soul be together.

Write your own story in the Land Chronicle.
In the Land Chronicle, Lands that have knowledge, history,
and resources that change the world exist.

Each land has its own history, but you can make your own chronicle there.
Grow your own land, collect, conquer
others in the Land Chronicle.
You are the hero.

In Land NFT, there are rare and high tier Land,
and you can feel higher possibilities and faster growth there.
Hold to Earn
Land Membership
A total of 10,000 Land NFT 1.0 can be used for token mining, staking, and land map services.
Land Chronicle generates ecosystem profits by providing a variety of its own services, and you can enjoy the benefits of ecosystem profits continually just holding Land NFT.
Land NFT 2.0 only has 3,000 and it can be upgraded from Land NFT 1.0.
Plant to Earn
Auto mining system: Yggdrasil
Land Chronicle provides an Auto Mining System.
Yggdrasil allows you to automatically mine $LCG, a utility token of Land Chronicle. You can also earn reward ecosystem profits as $USDC by staking.
Trade to Earn
Land Chronicle offers its own orderbook DEX with BSC-based through strategic partnership with Apollo X. 100% of the exchange's profits will be provided to Land NFT holders, and various events will also be held.
Pay to Earn
Master Card with custom design
You can make and own Master Card that can be used around the world with your own NFT design.
Feel free to use it at all MasterCard franchises around the world and enjoy payback services of up to 9% of your payment.
Play to Earn
Penguin Chronicle: hyper casual game
Penguin Chronicle is a type of conquer P2E game that anyone can play easily and fun with short playtime and simple control. By using $LCG, you can get stronger faster in the game and enjoy it more comfortably.
Players can earn $LCG as a reward through the Mission and Ranking system, and the revenue generated by advertising in the game is distributed to NFT holders.
ㆍForm a Land Chronicle Team
ㆍPlan Land-Fi Project
   : Earning system, Tokenomics, Service providing
ㆍ Establish a Partnership for ecosystem expansion
ㆍWhitepaper and Roadmap Release
ㆍCommunity(Website, Twitter, Discord, etc.) Open
ㆍBuilding Smart Contracts
ㆍHold to Earn: LAND NFT Minting(1st-3rd)
ㆍTrade to Earn: LAND-EX launch
ㆍPlant to Earn: Yggdrasil(NFT & $LCG Staking) launch
ㆍLand Chronicle Map Service launch
ㆍLiquidity Pool open
ㆍ$LCG Lockup & Mining start
ㆍ$LCG & Rainbow Stone airdrop
ㆍHold to Earn II: LAND NFT 2.0 upgrade
ㆍPay to Earn: Chronicle Card launch
ㆍPenguin Warrior NFT Minting
ㆍPlay to Earn: Penguin Chronicle launch
Q1. What kind of project is the LAND CHRONICLE?
Land Chronicle is a Klaytn-based Web3 LAND-Fi project that shares overall ecosystem profits by having and utilizing NFT.
Q2. What is LAND NFT?
Land NFT is the core of the project and one of the assets representing Land Chronicle. It consists of 10,000 pieces of 1.0 version and 3,000 pieces of 2.0 version, and various benefits are provided to Land NFT holders.

We aim to provide sustainable benefits through various channels rather than one-time benefits.
Q3. What is the difference from other NFT projects?
The main difference is that the project provides NFT holders with practical profits generated through its own services and partnerships.

Land Chronicle is a membership-based NFT project that does not simply sell and end NFT, but shares profits to ecosystem participants based on a sustainable Earning System.
Q4. What is the amount of LAND NFT minting and the minting method?
1st sale: 220 KLAY - 2,000 pieces
2nd sale: 230 KLAY - 3,000 pieces
3rd sale: 250 KLAY - 5,000 pieces

You can mint through the Kaikas wallet on the Minting page.
Q5. What is $LCG?
 $LCG is a Land Chronicle Gem, a utility token used to boost the value of various profitability channels in the Land Chronicle ecosystem. The total supply of $LCG is 300,000,000.

$LCG is mainly rewarded to ecosystem users and aims to enjoy more benefits through the token, and to generate continuous profits for NFT holders through various uses. You can receive $LCG as a reward if you participate in the ecosystem by holding or staking NFTs or tokens.
Q6. About Chronicle Card and Card Issuer
 VISA and Master Card are global payments technology companies, not credit card companies, that connect financial companies and merchants, and deal with payments when making oversea payments.
Therefore, the issuer and network that issue these VISA and Master Card exist separately.
The Chronicle Card, which is being prepared in the Land Chronicle, will be serviced according to the contract with the issuer who owns the issuance license. In the case of VISA, Master Card, since many contracts are made through the network of card issuers that own the license, Land Chronicle also has a contract and alliance with the issuer that owns the license for card use.